It is astrology that knows

“It is vital to remember that you do not know; it is the astrology that knows.” – John Frawley, in The Horary Textbook

“It’s not that I am that good; it’s that astrology is that good.” – Heather Roan-Robbins

No kidding.

I have started working with a kind of astrology called Horary, which is answering specific questions from a chart drawn up at the time of the question.

It works so well it is kind of scary, and sometimes the chart is so literal that I have to laugh. And, the most accurate parts of the reading are usually the most simple and obvious.

After a particularly spot-on reading I often get feedback something like, “Wow – how did you know that? You’re really good!”

Truthfully though – no, it is not true that I am that good. I’m a student of astrology, and it is the astrology that knows.

The order of Universe has such an immaculate wisdom, that a chart that I draw up to answer someone’s question, perfectly answers their question with my method of reading. Another astrologer could use a different house system, or a different way of figuring out what the chart means – and the charts that they draw up answer the questions they are given.

So, to really do astrology well, I have to give my reverence and respect to the Wisdom that presents me with this question and this chart, get myself out of the way, and allow the chart to simply speak. It is the astrology that knows.

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