Asking Questions with Horary Astrology

Most people think of astrology in connection with reading the chart of the time of your birth, called a natal chart.

There is an older form of astrology that is gaining popularity, called Horary Astrology, which is designed to give answers to specific questions. The word Horary is from the Latin word for hour, and it answers a specific question by interpreting a chart for the time of the question.

Some example horary astrology questions could be

  • Should I buy this house?
  • Will I get the job I am applying for?
  • Will I marry that man?
  • How will it go if I move to Florida?
  • Will I get admitted to that college?
  • Where is my cat?
  • How will it go if I hire that person?
  • Will I keep my job?
  • How is my marriage going?
  • Will my book be published?

Notice what all of these questions have in common: they apply to specific life situations, and rather than a general natal astrology or tarot reading (“Tell me about myself” or “Tell me what is happening”),  they are focused, concrete, apply to specific life situations, and are looking for specific and verifiable information and answers.

Asking questions with astrology, like any other divination system, works best if you approach the reading in an appropriate way. The concept of ‘divination’ is the idea of learning the will of the gods – literally divine-ing – and working in harmony with that will or order. The attitude you take is an important part of the process.

Horary astrology works best for questions that you are emotionally involved in and committed to; that are important to you; and that you spend some time really thinking over.  The appropriate attitude is that of sincerely wanting guidance from Universal Intelligence for a specific question.

Is horary astrology infallible? No.  Does it replace the need for rational judgment, or for taking responsibility for your own decisions? No. Can it often give you useful information helping you to make an optimal decision or take an appropriate life course? Yes.

“Let him apply himself to the astrologer with a serious intent of being satisfied in some certain and particular doubt, and this not on trifling occasions, or light sudden emotions… but in matters of honest importance… Those that take this sober course, shall find the truth in what they enquire after.” – William Lilly

Any questions? Just ask!

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