I am pleased to announce the availability of my first book.

Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology:

A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers.

 It is clear, well-written, and interesting in addition to being a true textbook. If you’re also toying with traditional astrology, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Absolutely superb!
– reviewed by Donna Van Toen,  NCGR Member Newsletter, July 2015

 Obert succeeds wonderfully in his purpose to “present traditional astrology in an organized, approachable and workable way.” I am not the only one who loves this book. Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology is a required textbook at Kepler College for a course on delineation techniques.
– reviewed by Mary Plumb in The Mountain Astrologer, April/May 2016

For those interested in traditional methods of chart interpretation without the overbearing and harsh criticism of the modern psychological approach, here is a way to bridge the two worldviews.
– reviewed by Chris Lorenz in Dell Horoscope, June 2016

Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology

This book is for people who have a basic background in modern astrology who are interested in learning some of the most important concepts and techniques in traditional astrology, and would like to apply traditional techniques in delineating natal charts.

The book is used as a required textbook at Kepler College in a course on delineation techniques. It is also used as the main textbook in the class on Essential Dignities that I teach at Kepler college.

The list price of the softcover book is $19.95 USD. You can purchase the book at and other online retailers.

The book is also available by download as a PDF format ebook. It is formatted for standard 8-1/2 by 11 page size with table of contents, formatted to make it easy to print out portions on standard paper.

The cost of the PDF download is $12.00 USD Click on the green button here to purchase.

Topics covered include:

  • number and geometry symbolism
  • basic concepts of traditional astrology
  • differences between traditional and modern astrology
  • history and worldview of traditional astrology
  • evaluating planetary strength and condition


  • a full outline of traditional natal chart interpretation
  • fully worked examples to show the techniques in action
  • annotated reading list for further learning