The Readings I Offer

Basic Natal Reading – $90.  This includes a basic natal reading, plus an examination of overall life timing, when major events and turning points are likely to be. Typically it will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Yearly Checkup – $60. This is a follow-up reading, and is for people who have had a prior natal reading from me, and wish to look at the trends active for the coming year and ask specific topic questions. It should last approximately an hour.

Relationship Reading – $120 – this is a joint, two hour session that includes both members of the couple as participants.

Payment is through Paypal, to the email account, I prefer that you pay me at the time you schedule the reading.

If you are interested in a reading from me and money is an issue, please contact me – I am open to barter.

To schedule a reading, please contact me by email at,

How I Do Readings

I use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques in my reading, and I draw on the strengths of each.

With modern astrology I include character analysis, and explore how you experience the chart inside you, what strengths, weaknesses and choices it gives you.

With traditional astrology I focus on your life context, the actual events and circumstances of your life. This includes how you are likely to fare in different areas of your life, where your main challenges and your main fortunes are likely to be.

A reading is an interactive process, where my comments and observations on the chart can combine with your feedback so that we can really explore how the meaning of the chart is experienced by you in your life. I do not view astrology reading as a primarily psychic process; I try to get myself out of the way and let the chart speak, and use your feedback and input to let it speak directly and personally to you.

What I Need from You

First, I need your birth date, place, time, and how accurate you think the birth time is. I cannot usefully interpret a chart for a birth time that is not known within at least a half an hour window.

I also need to know if you have any main questions or areas of focus you wish to concentrate on in the reading.

And finally, I really need you to participate in the reading process with me. I offer observations and I ask questions, and the more feedback I get from you, the more useful the reading will be.

The readings are usually done online using Zoom. I can make an audio recording of the session if you wish. I normally audio only with Zoom. Before our session I will send you printable copies of any charts or listings I will refer to during the call.