Learning Resources

This is a resource page for the Traditional Astrology Study Group here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These are links to pdf files of handouts on the topics we have covered.

Sect, Benefic and Malefic – basic explanations of these core concepts.


This group of handouts is based on a diagram called the Thema Mundi, which shows the signs and their rulerships.

Thema Mundi  – the basic diagram, showing the signs and the planets ruling.

Thema Mundi With Aspects –  showing the traditional aspects in the diagram. It also shows where there is a lack of aspect or aversion.

Houses – Aspects and Aversion – showing aspects by house rather than by sign.


This group of handouts is on house meaning and interpretation.

House Meanings in Traditional Astrology – a table of their meanings, and where they differ from modern astrology.

Planet Joys By House – traditional associations of planets having joy or affinity with specific houses.

House Interpretation Guidelines – notes on things to consider


Profections – a simple and powerful technique for moving a chart forward in time at a rate of one sign/house per year.

Distribution through the Bounds – a form of symbolic direction.


This blog post on How Traditional and Modern Astrology are Different may also be useful.