Note: I am taking a break from adding new material to this website. I had a health crisis in March 2017 that necessitated my making major changes to my diet and lifestyle. For now, those changes are taking up most of my spare time and attention. I plan to resume writing later this year.

Welcome to the website of Charlie Obert, student of astrology. I have a monthly blog here, along with other writing, information about my publications and the readings that I do, and some learning resources from my classes and study groups.

I now have a page dedicated to The Saturn Crone Project, where I list all of the writing I have done on the subject of Saturn, with special emphasis on the subject of Saturn as feminine and Old Crone. This is a special area of interest of mine.

My first book on traditional astrology was published in Spring 2015. It has been well received, and has gotten good reviews, including in Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope. Please see the page for more information about my book, An Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology.

Note:The book is now available in both softcover and PDF electronic download format.

Here is a link to a free webinar on Aspects, Seeing and Aversion that I presented for Kepler College in October 2015.

I have a blog, aka journal, where I post new entries once a month. I will be exploring what it is like to practice astrology in a world where there is no single accepted system of astrology – what the issues are, and how different schools of astrology can communicate and learn from each other. I also explore where astrology intersects with philosophy, ethics, linguistics, psychology, and other disciplines that look at how we humans use symbol systems to make sense of the world we inhabit.

I am pleased to say that the Skygaze Academy of Traditional Astrology in Taiwan will be translating some of my blog posts into Chinese as a resource for their students. Their site, in Chinese, is at sata-astrology.com.

If this is your first time here, you might want to see my Credo, and the journal post where I lay out my Worldview. I am a philosophy major, and I think it important that we astrologers take time to examine what kind of world our work assumes, and what are the implied values of that world.

There is information on the readings that I do.

The following sections are available under the Resources Menu.

Under Traditional you will find handouts that are used in my ongoing Traditional astrology study group..

Under Modern are resources that are useful if you are studying for NCGR certification. This includes chart calculation instructions, and instructions for finding the Adjusted Calculation Date (ACD) for secondary progressions.

Under Uranian you can find 90 degree and 360 degree dials, and other related material.

You can contact me at, charlie@studentofastrology.com .