Focus on the Question

I’ve read a lot of astrology charts for people, especially over the past few years.  Some readings go well, some meander, and some are just dead-on accurate.

I am now convinced that the single most important factor in how well a reading goes, is the focus and intent of the person I am reading for.

The quality of the question determines the quality of the reading.

Modern astrology has a psychological, character-analysis frame around a reading. It talks about general personality traits, what the person is like.

Traditional astrology has a wealth of techniques for getting more specific information out of the chart, but they are not designed to do general ‘cold’ readings outside of any context.

In traditional astrology, that context, that frame, is provided by the question you are asking of the chart.

When I sit down to read a chart for someone I have just met, my first task is to determine why they are getting a reading right then.  At first I mostly ask questions based on what I see in their chart. Even prior to that, I start the session by asking why they are there, what specific question is on their minds.

I also draw up something called a Consultation Chart, timed for when we sit down for the reading. That can also give me information on why the person is there, what issues are weighing on them.

Until I have that question, that purpose, the reading lacks focus and just kind of meanders. Once I have the question the chart comes into tight focus and the planetary symbols take on a rich, detailed and often very specific meaning.

The least satisfactory readings I do happen when a person sits down and just says, Tell me what’s going to happen to me, without giving me any details or without any specific intent. A vague and general question produces a vague and general reading.

The best readings, the ones giving uncannily accurate and specific answers, happen when the person has an important question or issue pressing on them, and are there to help evaluate how to address that part of their lives.

My job as astrologer is to be familiar with the techniques I can use to give specific answers to a specific question. I have to rely on the person I am reading for to give me the question.

“Let him apply himself to the astrologer with a serious intent of being satisfied in some certain and particular doubt, and this not on trifling occasions, or light sudden emotions… but in matters of honest importance… Those that take this sober course, shall find the truth in what they enquire after.”
– William Lilly, Christian Astrology, 1647

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