Ignoring Limits

Passing Barriers

Some modern astrology looks at the era since the discovery of the outer planets and asteroids, as being a time of transcending previous limits and finding new areas of experience.

So, to evolve you are suppost to “get past” Saturn’s limits and fears, to find your real creativity and spirituality. Uranus is somehow more ‘evolved’ than Saturn is – or, at least often-selfish Uranus surely thinks so.

I think this attitude is a big reason why human culture is in such a dangerous situation today.

We value high-speed change and invention (Uranus), allowing our imaginations to run wild and dream possibilities (Neptune) in a compulsive, never-satisfied search for power (Pluto) – while ignoring serious physical limits and laws (Saturn) – running out of finite resources like water and oil, ingoring our effect on the eocosystem, and so on.

I think it also affects our attitude to our bodies and selves.

Ignoring Saturn means, viewing aging, illness and death as enemies, to be denied whenever possible or fiercely battled. It also means worshipping youth as the one desirable state, to be stretched out as long as possible.

Ignoring Saturn also means that new is always better, and that anything old is, by definition, not as good.

Saturn and Wisdom

I think that Saturn is one of the planetary powers or gods that you are forced to come to terms with.

For as long as we live here, in physical bodies on a physical planet, we are under the laws of Saturn – physical limits, time, change, the cycles of birth, growth, decay, aging and death.

Back in the good old days of traditional astrology, before they invented Pluto, Saturn was lord of death. I see no indication that he has left his post.

I think that Saturn can give a wisdom that comes from recognizing and accepting limitations and death. We don’t live forever, our bodies age and break down, accidents and illness can happen at any time.

And sometimes we are in pain. Pain is a part of life and not a quick inconvenience to be ignored or gotten past as soon as possible.

Some of the greatest riches in spiritual life come from really being with and accepting your own pains, limits, mistakes, aging and so on.

You don’t ‘get past’ Saturn’s limits and fears by ignoring Saturn and trying to hop over those things. You ‘get past’ Saturn by owning and embracing your limits, wounds and fears, making them a strong part of who you are, giving a new compassion, resilience and acceptance.


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