Astrology and Rational Order

Part of my study of astrology has been a quest to find, and understand, the philosophy or world-order that makes sense of it.

Most modern astrology that I have seen does not clearly address this issue. Implicitly, the question is dealt with in a number of ways.

1) It’s ignored. That doesn’t work, since astrology makes no sense within the context of the current scientific – materialist mainstream worldview.

2) It tries to make astrology ‘scientific’, by weeding out all that is ‘superstitious’ about it, and working with analytic tools like statistical studies. Continue reading

A Gracious Attitude

You remember that lovely song by Paul Simon, called, Tenderness?

I know you see through me,
but there’s no tenderness
beneath your honesty.

That comes to mind a lot lately, as I watch interactions in the community of astrologers I work in here.

Astrology is not a single monolithic discipline. As Donna Cunningham put it, there are hundreds of ways of doing astrology, and they all work. Continue reading

Astrology and Re-Enchantment

Like most people brought up in our American urban industrial culture, I grew up in a world that assumes a disconnect between the inner world of my thoughts and feelings, and a meaningless, dead and random outer world. The outer world is ‘scientific’; it has no inherent meaning or significance.

That’s painfully obvious to me when I walk in a neighborhood where there are mostly factories or business buildings. It is obvious that the landscape was ripped up and re-ordered with no sense of aliveness, or reverence, or meaning. There was a job to be done, and the land here was Meaningless Stuff to be moved around and re-arranged to get that job done. Continue reading

On Reading a Chart

I have been looking at a lot of astrology charts, and reading for a lot of people this past several months. While I’ve been doing that, there is another part of me that is sitting up in observer position and just watching the process.  Here’s what I’m finding out about how I read.

I think of a chart as a tuning device – hand me a chart and you’ve said something like, check out this radio station – 97.6, KAYZ – so I go to my radio and tune to those letters, do a bit of fiddling with the fine tuning… and in comes the music. Continue reading

Aries Ingress Washington DC

An ingress chart is drawn up at the time that the sun moves into a new sign, at the start of one of the 4 seasons. The Aries Ingress, in late March at the Spring Equinox, is considered in mundane astrology (mundane meaning, astrology having to do with world and political matters) to set the tone for the coming year.

This is the Aries Ingress, Spring Equinox chart, for Washington, DC.

(credits – this chart was drawn up using Astrolabe Solar Fire.)

If this sets the tone for the United States for the coming year… we have a challenging time ahead of us, folks. Continue reading

Welcome to my blog

It’s good for you, to come right in…

Welcome to my blog, … I guess.

This blog is all about my making sense of the world using the model and world view of astrology.

As to who I am… Charlie Obert, long time student of astrology and things occult. After many years of studying astrology on my own, and reading charts for friends, circumstances seem to be conspiring for me to come out, and be more public and available.

This feels appropriate, because I find astrology becoming my primary model of the world as I get older. Astrology is no longer an area of interest I pick up and then put down like a book; it has become a permanent way of viewing the world and making sense of it.

Do I feel professional? No, I feel like a student of astrology; hence the name of this blog.

Welcome to my blog…